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Glimpse of a day in the life of a Hosteler


Rising Bell!

Activity – Getting up from slumber after a good night's sleep and moving to the common ground.

Importance – When you rise early, it eliminates the need to rush in the morning. You can then start your day on an optimistic note with a calm mind and such positivity often stays with you throughout the day.


Everyday a Fresh Start!

Activity – Giving attendance to warden, welcoming the sun and praying

Importance – Morning prayer is a means of meditation and develops the lateral thinking abilities of students to access their untapped potential within.


Exercise is wise!

Activity – Practicing Yoga

Importance – Yoga supports positive mental health in children, increases concentration and develops self-awareness among students. With the help of Yoga every morning, we teach children how to control their energy so that they can focus and concentrate better.


A clean home is a happy home!

Activity – Cleaning yourself and your room!

Importance – This activity inculcates a habit of keeping their surroundings clean before leaving the room every morning. And we believe that an organized place leads to an organized mind.



Activity – Getting dressed up and going to the mess.

Importance – Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. The menu is thoughtfully prepared with sprouts rich in protein, creamy milk and fruits and love from our chefs, this meal energizes the students for the day.


March to school!

Activity – Walking up to the school in midst of the fresh fields.

Importance – This walk proves to be the first social interaction of the day with friends and the students get a chance of basking in the freshness of the campus.


Let the learning with fun begin!

Activity – Attending school.

Importance – Please refer the day boarders timeline.



Activity – Coming back from the school and eating lunch

Importance – After coming back from school, the delicious lunch gives the students an energy boost for the rest of the day and supplies them with the essential vitamins and nutrients to keep them going.


Mentor-Mentee interaction!

Activity – Extra classes for solving any queries or gaining guidance from mentors.

Importance – Our students love this time of the day as they get to interact to their mentors and seek guidance from them. This support makes them mentally and emotionally strong.


Evening snacks

Activity – Satiating the hunger with healthy fruits

Importance – Fruits form an integral part of a child's diet, and are great as small snacks through the day. The fruits come directly from the on campus Farmer’s organic basket which makes them all the more healthy.


Play time!

Activity – Kids move to the grounds to play, kabaddi, football, badminton, table-tennis, horse-riding, Archery, shooting and chess as per their interests.

Importance – Games help in building up a healthy body and an active mind. It also develops moral values like sportsmanship and fair play among students.


Wash and change!

Activity – Cleanse yourself and get refreshed.

Importance – A post-play bath is most important for hygiene and protecting the body from any in infections, illnesses and ailments.


Evening meet-up!

Activity – Attendance and discussing current news and events

Importance – Every evening our wardens assemble the students to first discuss about any challenges that the students face in Hostel and secondly a quick session to discuss the current news and events across the globe.


Supper time!

Activity – Pre-dinner prayer and taking dinner.

Importance – A pre-dinner prayer energizes the food. The students then take the last meal of the day after an intense play session and prepares their body for the next day.


Self- study!

Activity – Completing homework, reading newspaper, speaking with Parents.

Importance – This is planned to effectively utilize the time gap between their dinner and sleep as per the health guidelines and this gives the students time to retrospect on the entire day and spend some time with themselves.


Lights Out!

Activity – Bedtime prayer and zzzzzz!

Importance – Thanking the universe for a beautiful day full of activities and going to a deep sleep peacefully.