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Glimpse of a day in the life of a Day Scholars


Fresh start to everyday

Activity – Prayer and meditation

Importance – Prayer before starting the day is refreshing and calming. Starting the day with gratitude attracts positive vibes for the entire day.


Let’s Assemble

Activity – Classwise assembly (News, debates, drama, thoughts)

Importance - Classwise assembly gives every student an opportunity to present themselves in front of audience and helps in enhancing their public speaking skills and confidence.


Interactive learning - Curricular

Activity - Subject classes using techniques like Role play, Gamification, learning with nature, field trips and smart class.

Importance – We adapt various above mentioned techniques to make learning engaging, interactive and an immersible experience for the students.


Learn and Play – Co-curricular

Activity – Art, music, reading, debates, quizzes, co-curricular exams, DIY activities, educational tours and sports.

Importance – Such activities complement the curricular activities and groom the students in the art of team work and communication and gives them a chance to exhibit their non-academic abilities.


Snack time(30 mins)

Activity – Eating and sharing homemade food.

Importance – Students get energized for the second half of the day by taking a break and filling their tummy.


More than academics - Extra-curricular

Activity – Activities to develop students socially, physically, culturally and spiritually.

Importance - Extracurricular activities are important for the holistic development of the students. By such activities we try and bring out the best in all the students and given them an opportunity to explore their hidden potential.



Acitvity – Brief session with class teacher for homework and summary for the day.

Importance – The class teacher reflects upon the day’s learning and briefs the student for self-study at home.


Love and respect for our country

Activity – Prayer and National Anthem

Importance –The students feel a sense of responsibility and respect towards their motherland and aspire to become change makers and nation builders.

End of a day filled with fun and learning