Setting the winning standards

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All round development

Academic excellence forms the basis of this holistic model and is paramount throughout the learning journey of a child. In the initial years of growth, the focus is on developing universal values, ethics, discipline, creativity and personality development. During secondary and high school years, the focus shifts to academic achievement, leadership & entrepreneurial skills and key competencies for vocational & career.

Emphasis on Multiple Intelligence for a multi-cultural world

Learning will be facilitated through a well-designed pedagogy that will promote interactive and experiential learning. The focus will be on the development of Multiple Intelligence, Emotional Skills and Life Skills of the learners for their integrated, holistic growth and development.

Winning through global best practices

Global Centre for Educational Excellence is planning to get aligned to the famous schools all over the globe. We believe that parents should be as much a part of the learning process, as their children. Which is why, we have created the portal that helps you stay updated on your child's progress at every step. With the collaboration of TCS we have provided a platform to you to actively interact online with GMIS teachers, administrators and students on every aspect of your child's education.

Learning to win, today and in the future

To help learners remain current and competitive in a developing society, the curriculum will also offer facilities for extended learning. They need to be 'life long learners' discovering the world day in and day out.

Future Leaders through futuristic curriculum

Our schools adopt a futuristic curriculum to impart 21st century skills, so that students can emerge as comfident,competent and contributory global citizens. A strong focus on integrating formal with informal learning, helps learners acquire the necessary skills for inter-disciplinary thinking, critical thinking, problem solving and resolving conflict. Most importantly, This develops leadership and change management skills to face the uncertainities of the emerging knowledge society. 

Facilitating a winning exposure

As we are coming up with TCS digital learning to encourage all our students to explore the world and its different cultures through our International Knowledge Exchange Programme. Our students may get to interact in person with students and teachers from our global campuses through web-conferencing, thereby giving them an international outlook and satisfying their curiousity about new geographies,

Setting the winning standards

The global curriculam incorporates the best practices adopted world-wide in the empowerment of Gen-Next. Triggered through technology, our multi-faceted learning methods address the physical, mental, emotional, psychic, intellectual and spiritual domains of the individual learner, thus achnowledging the uniqueness of each.