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Global Mission International School is a part of Sanskardham. Established in 1992, Sanskardham was founded by visionary Late Shri Laxmanraoji Inamdar. The centre works consistently for its goal towards imparting education highly inspired by the ideologies of Swami Vivekananda and mainly his belief "Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man".

A young child when entering the world hides in himself just like a pearl in the oyster and the gold in the mountains. Global Mission International School promises to further the legacy left behind by a leader, dynamic and courageous and to inculcate all its students with the values, tradition and culture, but at the same time providing children with the right global platform. Because, it is the young minds of today, who are the global leaders of tomorrow.

It is a Co-educational campus spread over 125 acres in the clean ,spacious free from carbon and away from crowded,started in the year 2005, Global Mission  International School truly epitomizes the concept of a modern educational institution.We offers a dual curriculum based on international teaching standards. The school integrates the curriculum of the Central Board of Secondary Education of India and  the State Curriculum of  Gujarat State board. 

Each element of the school is designed to develop the cognitive and affective skills of children, in a fun filled and congenial environment. In addition to the basic infrastructural facilities such as Smart classes , well equipped computer rooms, a sports complex, Horse riding, Archery, Shooting and so on, we have looked carefully at the inner things of life. Expert coaches, excellent sports infrastructure and a variety of co-curricular activities help students discover their talents and develop holistically.